Daniel Frasnay
Le laitier, Paris

Daniel Frasnay

About the artist

1928 — 2019

Daniel Frasnay, born in 1928 in Paris, was a French landscape and portrait photographer who belonged to the humanist movement in France. Frasnay spent some forty years working as the official photographer of the Cabaret Lido in Paris. Les Girls: 1952—1979 showcased the beauty and eroticism, the glamour and the grime, of the cabaret era. Frasnay photographed many of France's most famous faces during this period, including Brigitte Bardot, Édith Piaf and Sophia Loren, also taking portraits of friends in the art world from Dalí to César and Juan Miró. His Parisian pictures often seemed to contain something sinister, and Frasnay was notable for capturing something dark or seedy in the beauty that befell his lens.

Frasnay died aged ninety-one. Along with fellow humanists such as Boubat and Doisneau, his work has been widely published and exhibited, although his name is still perhaps less known than many of his contemporaries in France. 

Technical information

Image 1: Le laitier, Paris. 1950
Size: 31 x 26 cm 
Print techique: photograph, RC print
Extra: author's stamp on reverse