Le pot de confiture

Daniel Masclet

About the artist

1892 — 1969

The French photographer Daniel Masclet was a contemporary of Robert Doisneau and Marcel Bovis, a founding member of the Groupe des XV collective, and a critic and art curator who became a central figure in the mid-twentieth century European art photography scene. Masclet was initially self-taught, and would refine his technique under Baron de Meyer at Harper's Bazaar magazine. He went on to work for Vogue, before opening his own studio in Paris.

In the thirties, Masclet's photography became more experimental as he began to draw more heavily from abstraction. He worked primarily with portraiture and landscape photography. Masclet exhibited frequently in Paris, working until his death in 1969. 

Technical information

Image 1: Le pot de confiture, 1950
Size: 22,54 x 26,19 cm 
Print techique: gelatin silver