Berko Ferenc

Ferenc Berko

About the artist

1916 — 2000

The Hungarian-American Ferenc Berko was a highly successful commercial and portrait photographer, whose signature became his abstract use of colour. In his first thirty years, Berko had lived and worked in Germany, London, Paris and Bombay, before relocating to Chicago, where he took up a teaching job at the Institute of Design. Berko spent many years documenting the growth of the ski community in Aspen, Colorado, where he came to reside. He also worked extensively in advertising and portraiture. 

Berko's legacy has endured long after his death in 2000. He is often cited as one of the hundred greatest photographers of the twentieth century, and his experiments with light and with form have proven highly influential for several generations of artists since — which is exactly what Berko hoped for his body of work to achieve. His granddaughter continues to curate Berko's work for exhibition globally.

Technical information

Image 1: Paris, 1935 - 1937
Size: 21,59 x 17,3 cm 
Print techique: gelatin silver