Maurice Bonnel
Au Vieux Bougnat, 114 Rue de Sèvres 1950

Maurice Bonnel

About the artist

1923 — 2019

Maurice Bonnel was a French amateur photographer of the humanist movement that blossomed throughout the early-mid twentieth century. Primarily a street photographer, he shot in Paris extensively, without achieving the same levels of recognition as Robert Doisneau or other, more celebrated contemporaries. His work often depicted working-class life, although his oeuvre was varied. In 2022, three years after Bonnel's death, the book The Paris of Maurice Bonnel was published, ensuring Bonnel's work continues to be seen and appreciated inside of France and out.

Technical information

Image 1: Au Vieux Bougnat, 114 Rue de Sèvres. 1950
Size: 40 x 27,5 en 50 x 40 cm 
Print techique: silver
Extra: written text on reverse