Murray Korman
Joséphine Baker nue

Murray Korman

About the artist

1902 — 1961

Murray Korman was a renowned American publicity photographer with a reputation for shooting "high-glamour" portraits of Hollywood stars. Born in the Russian Empire, Korman moved as a child New York City with his father, taking a job as a teenager painting the faces of dolls. He was twenty-four when he picked up photography, establishing a studio on Madison Avenue and photographing showgirls, sometimes in a way considered risqué at the time.

In 1934, Korman's work was exhibited in Hollywood, and by 1939 he had collaborated with Salvador Dalí for the high-profile New York World's Fair. He would go on to photograph a range of icons in cinema and art, from Bob Hope and Betty Grable to Fred Astaire and Gala Dalí. Korman died aged fifty-nine in New York.

Technical information

Image 1: Joséphine Baker nue, 1930
Size: 23,5 x 18,5 (25,2 x 20) cm 
Print techique: gelatin silver
Extra: signed