Bischof Werner
A Flute Player on the Road to Cuzco - Peru

Werner Bischof

About the artist

1916 — 1954

Werner Bischof, born 1916 in Zürich, achieved a great deal in a short space of time. Though his life was tragically cut short at the age of thirty-eight by a car crash in the Andes, Bischof worked as a photojournalist for magazines including du in Germany, travelled Europe extensively capturing the devastation of life on the continent post-WWII, and in 1949 became the first new member of the photographic agency Magnum Photos since its founding two years prior.

The Swiss considered himself an artist and social documentarian, moving between Europe and Indochina, the Americas and Japan in search of human connection and the beauty associated with it — and although long dead, his work continues to serve as a window into a world rocked by war and on the precipice of great change.

Technical information

Image 1: A Flute Player on the Road to Cuzco – Peru, 1954
Size: 15,1 x 15,2 cm 
Print techique: platinum print
Extra: stamped and text on the back